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Despite the implementation of various cybersecurity measures, ransomware attacks can still occur.

Explore our innovative defensive technology designed to protect your data from falling victim to ransomware attacks.




Connect and secure your data like never before. Say hello to exciting new decentralized Ransomware Protection and Security System. Explore a redesigned user interface made easy for humans.

Engineering your system into Nano Data Center Technology


Superpowers for getting things done.

Introducing magical new ways to use and collaborate your data. Bring all the information in at one place with personalised view. And let the technology automate and streamline lengthy steps in workflows and everyday tasks.

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Designed to help
your work flow

The world's fastest backup and recovery system features a completely redesigned interface, making data protection more engaging and customizable than ever. With Mesh and OneFile, you have innovative tools for managing essential data and decluttering your digital space when needed most.

With an advanced user interface, harvest the high computing power of the Data Center into your personal computers. Decentralized Data Privacy & Security makes it even easier to securely store and manage the great content shared by friends and family.

New experiences.
True connections.

Key Features

Zero Trust Data-On-Disk Security


Data-On-Disk Protection After Cyber Theft 

Zero Data-On-Disk Loss

Safe network for

remote access

Enhance your storage limitations

Faster Disaster Recovery and Data from RansomWare Attacks

Administrative Controls, Dashboard and Activity Reports

Provides Data Privacy with complete control

Provides high availability of Data

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