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People’s Byte converts your current systems into decentralized nano datacenter technology which enables automatic backup and disaster recovery features to regularly send your data in an encrypted and compressed format to your own private secured network systems. This ensures that your data is safe, secure with enabled data privacy, and easily accessible.

Remote data replication enables the automatic process of copying data securely to a device at a remote location for data protection or disaster recovery purposes.

(Only for Standard Edition)

Own and control your digital identity for more privacy and peace of mind. Create user-centric, serverless Decentralized Authentication that stores data with people, not a remote corporation.

The fastest way to recover from ransomware is to simply restore your systems from backups. Before restoration, make sure to eliminate the ransomware first.

People’s Byte allows unlimited peers to connect in a single secured network group without bottleneck issues.

(For Express Edition: Only 3 peers are allowed.)

Any files and folders can be shared with just right-click. You can easily invite people to share your files and folders, but make sure you click the Privacy control to choose whether they have permission to view or edit the file or folder.

 It’s an on-demand disaster recovery plan—so businesses can get back to business with minimized disruption and without having to pay year-round for an array of in-case-of-emergency services.

Enables complete control over data stored in different areas, it helps create winning strategies to ensure that consumer data is secure and organized.

(Only for Standard Edition) 

P2P Monitoring tool is a network monitoring tool that helps you to ensure that your computer systems are running smoothly and that no outages occur.

Our Artificial algorithm helps users to identify and perform all the automated workflows to manage and scale the secured network groups.

Our Data replication algorithm reduces the risk of unplanned downtime by making sure that your data is safely stored on multiple machines, and that those machines agree on the current state even if some of them are temporarily disconnected.

People’s Byte protects data with multi-encryption layer technology. This ensures users data is safe and in control of ownership.  

Control who can see what data, when, where, and how. Build and enforce your own fine-grained data access control using our data privacy algorithm which makes it easy to securely manage and store your data.

A revision history lets you go back and see which changes were made by which person, and when. So, you never have to worry about someone deleting something that they shouldn’t have.

(Only for Standard Edition)

People’s Byte is a secured software that helps to protect against data loss caused by accidental deletion or any other data tampering.

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