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"Secure Your Screen with People's Byte - Advanced Watermarking at Your Fingertips!"

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Watermarking Desktop Screen App
Effortless, Secure, Unmatched.


3 Step Process

Data privacy
Download the People's Byte Watermarking App and Install on your system.
Data privacy
Setup your watermark text or image with advance configuration
Data privacy
Robust content protection by embedding imperceptible ownership information, ensuring traceability and deterring unauthorised use.

The People's Byte Watermark app is the perfect watermarking tool for desktop screens. It allows you to quickly and easily add a watermark to your desktop screen for extra protection.

Robust customisation options: Choose from a vast array of fonts, colors, sizes, opacity levels, and watermark positions to create a watermark that aligns with your branding and preferences. With its user-friendly interface, you can quickly and easily add a text, logo, or image watermark to your desktop screen.

Key Features:



Smooth Workflow

Easy to use Interface

Create personalised text or image watermarks to match your style and branding.

Enjoy a smooth workflow as it smartly enables user to work actively on computer without hiding of watermark.

Protect your screen in just a few clicks, with no technical expertise required.

People's Byte
Watermark App

Personalised Watermarking for your Screen
Don't leave your on-screen data vulnerable to unauthorised access any longer.

Download People's Byte Watermark App today and experience the ultimate desktop screen watermarking solution that keeps your privacy intact and your mind at ease.
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